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 "I Listen"   


The first day of architectural drafting class as a freshman in high school I knew I wanted to be an architect. 

During my college years  I learned from great professors as well as summer jobs where I was able to work under the supervision of architects from downtown Paterson, N.J. to M.I.T. and Harvard Medical School Planning departments as well as architectural firms in Boston.

When I came to Minnesota I worked for several large and small firmsÖ until I finally realized that designing custom homes was my passion.  Thatís when I began my own Residential Architectural firm (1985).

Since then Iíve focused exclusively on Residential Architecture (mostly custom homes but also townhomes and a condominium in Orono). 

I work directly with both individual clients and builders.  I have learned from school and work, builders and clients how to create a great home and keep it in  budget.


My greatest strength is my ability to really hear what you have to say and translate that creatively to paper knowing each choice  has both a dollar value and beauty value attached to it. 
Itís in that wonderful balance real homes are made.

I am someone who both connects with the people the home is for, and with the home itself.
I also know what builders and city building departments need as far as the blueprints go.  I have worked with numerous cities from Big Lake, to Lakeville, to Victoria and all cities in between. (And from Duluth to Colorado to California, but thatís another story).

I love what I do and I love doing it with people who have a passion for building a home.