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 "I Listen"   


1st MEETING:                                                           

At the first meeting I will take a look at any and all the things you might have brought  (magazine pictures, room lists, wish lists, land requirements). Then I’ll listen to what you are wanting your new house to do and be.  I will ask questions and get a full idea of where you are coming from.


During that time there is usually an ‘ahah’ moment for me where I just can’t  wait any longerl and pull out sketch paper and begin sketching the dream I am hearing.  That’s when people usually say “How did you do that!”.

From that sketch we will begin to see where all the rooms might go, how they relate to each other and to the lot.  We will enhance that design to the point where we look up and say “This is getting exciting”.  At that moment I know it’s time to draft up a preliminary design sketch which will show all the floor plans and the view of the home from the outside.

THE NEXT STEP:                                                           

After completion of the 1st Sketch Design we will meet again , review those ideas and look for any new ideas you had since our first meeting. 
After that normally we email back and forth with a series of more fully refined design sketches until we have exactly what you want, meeting in person again as called for.

THE WORKING DRAWINGS:                                           

At that point, when we all look at the design sketches and say YES!, I begin the computer drafting process to create the final working drawings. 

Normally it takes 2 weeks to draft up the working drawings

.  I will send you emails along the way showing you how the design is actually working out now that we are getting down to the structure, mechanicals and construction requirements.

FINAL REVIEW:                                                           

When I am finished we will meet again for a final review, make sure everything is the way it's supposed to be and get you the PDFs of the working drawings for use in bidding and getting permits.

That’s about it!   
I am usually always available by phone or internet .

Let's get started!  astrigal@gmail.com